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Mango butter 500g


Origin: India / Dominican Republic

Mango butter is taken from the mango stone mango yellow oil, containing high-stearic acid, and cocoa butter so similar in nature, alkali spreading value and fat, like Shea butter, you can replace the use of each other.
Mango butter is a good skin softener, with very good moisturizing effect, can protect the skin from the sun does not harm, to prevent dry skin and wrinkles, reduce skin aging. 
And it can promote wound healing and cell regeneration. 
The melting point is 31-36 ° C, and the skin close, so it is easy to melt directly rubbed on the skin. 
Mango Soap not only for the production of moderate fat, enhance degree of moisture, using them feel more smooth, to avoid skin drying formula. 
Can be used in skin care, hair care directly as a lipstick or cream to use. 
Mango fat hard features, such as adjusting for lip balm, lotion and soap is too soft, too sticky.
INS: 146

產地: 印度 / 多明尼加共和國

Mango butter-芒果脂是取自芒果果核的黃色油脂,含有高硬脂酸所以性質上和可可脂類似,鹼化值與乳油木果脂一樣,可以相互取替使用。芒果脂是很好的皮膚軟化劑,具有非常好的保濕效果,能保護皮膚不受到日曬的傷害,能防止皮膚乾燥與出現皺紋,減緩皮膚組織老化。而且它能促進皮膚傷口癒合以及細胞再生。

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