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essential elements is a subsidiary brand of Wing Hing Chemical Co., Ltd. , provide high quality natural essential oil products imported from all over the world at the best prices. 

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are mostly taken from the seeds, peels, roots, petals and other parts of plants. The most common method of extracting essential oils is distillation. No matter what method is used to extract essential oils, the concentration of the essential oils is very high. Except for tea tree and lavender oil, it is suitable for a small amount of direct used on the skin, most pure essential oils need to be diluted before used on the face or body. The easiest way is to mix with carrier oil/base cream/alcohol for dilution.

Click here for more information on how to use essential oils.


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Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil Sale priceHK$320.00
Lavender Oil (AOC)Lavender Oil (AOC)
Lavender Oil (AOC) Sale priceHK$650.00
Lemon OilLemon Oil
Lemon Oil Sale priceHK$310.00
Peppermint OilPeppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil Sale priceHK$390.00
Sweet Orange OilSweet Orange Oil
Sweet Orange Oil Sale priceHK$310.00
Eucalyptus Oil (Radiata)
Eucalyptus Oil (Radiata) Sale priceHK$390.00
Lemongrass OilLemongrass Oil
Lemongrass Oil Sale priceHK$330.00
Sold outCitronella OilCitronella Oil
Citronella Oil Sale priceHK$360.00
Bergamot Oil (FCF)Bergamot Oil (FCF)
Bergamot Oil (FCF) Sale priceHK$600.00
Rosemary OilRosemary Oil
Rosemary Oil Sale priceHK$350.00
Rose Geranium OilRose Geranium Oil
Rose Geranium Oil Sale priceHK$620.00
Cedarwood OilCedarwood Oil
Cedarwood Oil Sale priceHK$380.00
Grapefruit OilGrapefruit Oil
Grapefruit Oil Sale priceHK$390.00
Sold outPetitgrain OilPetitgrain Oil
Petitgrain Oil Sale priceHK$420.00
Geranium OilGeranium Oil
Geranium Oil Sale priceHK$730.00
Sold outMandarin Red OilMandarin Red Oil
Mandarin Red Oil Sale priceHK$390.00
Eucalyptus Oil (Citriodora)Eucalyptus Oil (Citriodora)
Eucalyptus Oil (Citriodora) Sale priceHK$390.00
Sold outPine OilPine Oil
Pine Oil Sale priceHK$450.00
Clary Sage OilClary Sage Oil
Clary Sage Oil Sale priceHK$580.00
Ginger OilGinger Oil
Ginger Oil Sale priceHK$450.00
Rose Absolute Oil 5%Rose Absolute Oil 5%
Rose Absolute Oil 5% Sale priceHK$790.00
Ylang Ylang OilYlang Ylang Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil Sale priceHK$620.00
Sold outCypress OilCypress Oil
Cypress Oil Sale priceHK$490.00
Sold outPatchouli OilPatchouli Oil
Patchouli Oil Sale priceHK$620.00
Frankincense OilFrankincense Oil
Frankincense Oil Sale priceHK$1,480.00
Palmarosa OilPalmarosa Oil
Palmarosa Oil Sale priceHK$560.00
Sold outMarjoram Oil (Sweet)Marjoram Oil (Sweet)
Marjoram Oil (Sweet) Sale priceHK$480.00
Tangerine OilTangerine Oil
Tangerine Oil Sale priceHK$390.00
Sold outElemi OilElemi Oil
Elemi Oil Sale priceHK$390.00
Cinnamon Leaf OilCinnamon Leaf Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil Sale priceHK$420.00
May Chang OilMay Chang Oil
May Chang Oil Sale priceHK$360.00
Lime OilLime Oil
Lime Oil Sale priceHK$330.00
Black Pepper OilBlack Pepper Oil
Black Pepper Oil Sale priceHK$520.00
Sold outNeroli Oil 5%Neroli Oil 5%
Neroli Oil 5% Sale priceHK$460.00
Sold outClove Bud OilClove Bud Oil
Clove Bud Oil Sale priceHK$420.00
Sold outBenzoin OilBenzoin Oil
Benzoin Oil Sale priceHK$420.00
Juniperberry Oil (Best before: 12/2024)Juniperberry Oil (Best before: 12/2024)
Sold outEucalyptus Oil (Smithii)Eucalyptus Oil (Smithii)
Eucalyptus Oil (Smithii) Sale priceHK$390.00
Basil OilBasil Oil
Basil Oil Sale priceHK$430.00
Nutmeg OilNutmeg Oil
Nutmeg Oil Sale priceHK$380.00
Sold outJasmine Absolute Oil 5% (Best before: 06/2024)Jasmine Absolute Oil 5% (Best before: 06/2024)
Sold outCistus OilCistus Oil
Cistus Oil Sale priceHK$1,800.00
Vetiver OilVetiver Oil
Vetiver Oil Sale priceHK$860.00
Sold outThyme (Red) OilThyme (Red) Oil
Thyme (Red) Oil Sale priceHK$600.00
Sold outNiaouli OilNiaouli Oil
Niaouli Oil Sale priceHK$520.00
Sold outCajeput OilCajeput Oil
Cajeput Oil Sale priceHK$420.00
Rosewood Oil
Rosewood Oil Sale priceHK$1,600.00
Sold outSage OilSage Oil
Sage Oil Sale priceHK$720.00