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Floral nourish mineral sunscreen lotion SPF35 PA++

The texture of the lotion is light, refreshing and non-greasy. It uses physical sunscreen ingredients and does not add artificial fragrances. It contains natural neroli essential oil and a variety of selected skin care ingredients. It can relieve redness and dryness caused by sun exposure, while protecting and repairing and moisturizing the skin. , slow down skin aging, reduce the risk of irritation from chemical sunscreen, and gradually develop good skin.

Ingredients Highlights

Titanium Dioxide, ZINC Oxide (non-nano grade) sun protection standard SPF35 PA++, protected from UVA and UVB

- Natural Neroli essential oil calms and reduces redness, stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin cells, and restores skin vitality and elasticity.

Edelweiss extract, powerful antioxidant effect, prevents skin aging and protects skin from sun damage

Ceramide, strengthens moisturizing ability, strengthens water locking, repairs skin barrier, and improves skin inflammation.

Vitamin E, promotes skin hydration to prevent water loss, antioxidant, and prevents skin aging.

Vitamin B5 Panthenol, a deeply penetrating moisturizing ingredient, promotes wound healing and fights inflammation.

Glycerin & Allantoin, soothes, moisturizes and softens skin.


- Lightly waterproof and sweatproof

- Mild, hypoallergenic formula

- Contains no alcohol, colorings or artificial flavors

- Does not contain mineral oil or Paraben

- No animal testing, cruelty-free

- Environmentally friendly, does not pollute the ocean

- Suitable for both adults and children


15 minutes before sun exposure, apply lotion evenly on skin. Reapply to dry skin as needed.

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OUTGUARD Nootkaspray

OUTGUARD Nootkaspray is a natural insect repellent contains EPA-certified active ingredients (Nootkatone). It is a natural skin care anti-mosquito spray suitable for children and pets. It is effective against a variety of mosquitoes and provides long-lasting protection.

Nootkatone is a natural organic compound found in various plants, such as grapefruits, cedars, and vetiver grass. It has been identified as an effective insect repellent.


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OUTGUARD Nootkaspray Natural Insect Repellent 50mlOUTGUARD Nootkaspray Natural Insect Repellent 50ml
Sale priceHK$49.99
OUTGUARD Nootkaspray Natural Insect Repellent 50mlOUTGUARD Nootkaspray Natural Insect Repellent 50ml
Sale priceHK$49.99
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「擊敗油頭困擾!4款頭皮護理精油推介」 Hair care essential oils

「擊敗油頭困擾!4款頭皮護理精油推介」 Hair care essential oils

頭皮頭髮保養精油 分享給有頭油/頭皮屑問題的朋友仔,可以試試DIY洗髮水時加入建議的頭皮頭髮保養精油,包括: Basil 羅勒, Clary Sage 快樂鼠尾草, Cedarwood 雪松/香柏, Rosemary 迷迭香 DIY簡易去屑洗髮水配方:基底洗頭液100毫升頭皮頭髮保養精油 共15-20滴 (精油...

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白蟻結界擴香座  Anti termite Diffuser
aromatherapy method

白蟻結界擴香座 Anti termite Diffuser

飛蟻又叫大水蟻,為白蟻的繁殖蟻種,如果不幸入屋大量繁殖,蛀食木材傢俱更是災難。潮濕陰暗,空氣不流通的環境最適合飛蟻/白蟻生存,要驅防白蟻首先要保持家居通風乾爽。大家可以嘗試使用「藍絲柏精油」及「肉桂/丁香精油」, 製作擴香座或香磚擺放木家居的旁邊驅走白蟻防蛀食木材。「藍絲柏」生長在澳洲北領地的熱帶雨林裡,藍絲柏木材常用於房屋建築,因為木材具有很強的抗...

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小強結界擴香座  Anti-cockroach Diffuser
aromatherapy method

小強結界擴香座 Anti-cockroach Diffuser

  天氣回暖,萬物蘇醒,當中仲有好可怕嘅小強.... 適合置於廚房, 渠口, 門口等地方, 營造小強怕怕的結界。 配方:羅勒精油 5滴百里香精油 4滴藍膠尤加利精油 4滴 用法:將精油滴在擴香木上置於廚房, 渠口, 門口等地方, 營造小強怕怕的結界 *以上資訊祗供參考,六歲以下及個別病患者慎用。*放於兒童或寵物不能接觸的位置, 避免誤食。 RECIP...

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We take pride on focus our sourcing for Natural and Eco-friendly raw materials and products. 

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