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Organic Lavender Floral Water

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Origin: England

Botanical Name: Lavandula vera 
Lavender Floral Water is ideal for regular use in any skin, for dry damaged fragile skin with regeneration. 
Lavender hydrosol can be used to calm emotions. 
If you feel pressure, headaches and nervous tension, can help to stabilize the mind, reduce the dry and hot, and give you cool feeling. 
Applications: Spray lavender hydrosol before and after shaving or hair removal can reduce inflammation. 
To promote sleeping qulaity, can add into bathwater for a relaxing bath before sleep to promote sleeping quality. 
To ease the redness and baby diaper rash pain, mixed with Chamomile Roman Hydrosol 50: 50 and compress it on the rash area.

*It is recommended to use floral water within 6 months after opening, and store it in a cool, dry place.
** Our floral water is hydrolat , which is a sub-product of making essential oils. The smell of floral water is different from the essential oils.

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因長用口罩, 塊面生晒粒粒 敏感, 同事介紹我用咗來做保濕噴霧,用咗半年左右,
少咗好多粒粒, 敏感退晒, 無介紹錯, 會KEEP 住用.