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Online Limited - DIY Natural Aroma Antiperspirants (Organic Neroli Floral Water 250ml + Cypress Oil 10ml + Peppermint Oil 10ml + Aloe vera extract 30ml + Around 50ml Plastic Bottle with roll on cap x 5pcs)

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Package include:
1) Organic Neroli Floral Water 250ml
2) Cypress Oil 10ml
3) Peppermint Oil 10ml
4) Aloe vera extract 30ml 
5) Around 50ml Plastic Bottle with roll on cap x 5pcs

Recipe for around 40ml:

Ethyl Alcohol 96% 5ml  (not included in package) 
Cypress Oil 4-5 drops
Peppermint Oil 4-5 drops
Aloe vera extract 20 drops
Organic Neroli Floral Water 35ml
Steps: Mix Ethyl Alcohol 96% & Essential Oil then add with Aloe vera extract & Organic Neroli Floral Water. Pour into container.
Usage: Roll on underarm and wait a few minutes to volatile.
**Do not use for alcohol-sensitive persons
** The above information is for reference only
** For those with sensitive skin, please test before use
** Do not get close to and away from fire after use
** High-concentration alcohol is highly volatile. It is recommended that you store alcohol in a cool, dry place that is not easily exposed to sunlight.
** Do not place it where children can easily reach it.
** Children under 6 years old and individual patients should be used with caution or please check with the doctor first.
For online purchase only. 

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