Essential Elements

DIY Hair Care Set - Artichoke Leaf Extract + Vitanourish Shampoo Base + Vitanourish Conditioner Base + Ginger Oil


Set included:

1) Artichoke Leaf Extract 30ml
2) Vitanourish Shampoo Base 500ml
3) Vitanourish Conditioner Base 500ml
4) Ginger Oil 10ml

Suggested recipe:
Artichoke Leaf Extract 3% 3ml (around 18 drops)
Shampoo Base / Conditioner Base 100ml
Ginger Oil 10-20 drops

Blend and mixed all the oils & extract with the Shampoo /Conditioner base.

**Recipe for reference only, For sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.

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