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Soy Wax Container Pastilles (Soft) - UK

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Origin: UK

Soy Wax Container Pastilles (Soft)

White Colour, Biodegradable and vegan friendly
Melting Point : 45.5°C  Congealing Point : 34°C 
Aroma Massage Candle Making:
Soywax:Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter:Carrier oil = 1:1:1
Essential oil 2%
Candle wick (Thin/thick)
Candle container
1) Cut wicks and place it to fit the candle jar
2) Melt soy wax, Shea Butter,Carrier oil by heated water bath.
3) Add 2% Essential Oil and stir.
4) Pour into candle jar and stand for 48 hours before use.
How to choose candle wick?
(Thin) Suitable for making within 6cm dia. candle
(Think) Suitable for making over 6cm dia. candle
how to use?
1. Light the massage candle and wait until the wax surface dissolved into liquid form.
2. puff out the candle and pour the warm massage liquid wax on the body and start massage
After puff out the candle wax, liquid is about 40-45 ° C, you may wait for 1-2 minutes for lower the temperature before use. 
How to choose Soft Or Hard Soy Wax?

Be aware that candles and containers will generate high temperatures when they are lit. Ensure that there are no flammable objects near the lit candles, and be within sight and away from children and pets.

**Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.

大豆蠟 (軟) Soy Wax Container Pastilles (Soft) 英國
產地:英國, 白色,天然環保,可生物降解溶點: 45.5°C 凝點: 34°C香薰按摩蠟燭製作方法:原料:大豆蠟:乳木果脂/可可脂:基底油 =1:1:1精油 2% 工具 : 燭芯 (幼/粗) 、燭台 , 香薰按摩蠟燭製作方法: 1) 剪裁合尺寸的燭芯放入蠟燭台 2) 大豆蠟、乳木果脂/可可脂、基底油隔水加熱座溶後 3) 停止加熱及添加 2% 香薰精油 4) 蠟液倒入蠟燭台,等待48小時後即可製作成香薰蠟燭 如何選擇蠟燭芯?
「幼芯」適用於製作 6cm 直徑以內的蠟燭「粗芯」適用於製作 6cm 直徑以上的蠟燭
Soy Wax Container Pastilles (Soft) - UK
Soy Wax Container Pastilles (Soft) - UK Sale priceHK$99.00

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