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Benzoin Oil


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Origin: Australia 

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin
Note: Base 
Extraction: Solvent Extraction 
Aroma: Sweet vanilla 

Body: Rejuvenating effect on body. Can ease general aches and pains as well as arthritis. Help with respiratory disorders. 
Mind: Effective on easing tension and stress and brings comfort to the sad and depressed.
Skin: help restore elasticity on cracked, dry skin. Useful for chapped hands and heels as well as remend for wounds and sores.

* Benzoin Oil texture is sticky. Not suitable to use on diffuser.

*Benzoin essential oil is thick and viscous in texture and is in the state of maltose. It needs to open the inner rubber stopper and pour it out for use.

To make skin care products:
Most of the benzoin essential oil is a resin, which cannot be fully dissolved in the base oil. During production, it is necessary to separate the coagulation in the mixed oil before using it in the formula.

To make perfume:
Benzoin essential oil can be dissolved in alcohol as an aromatherapy spray or used in perfumery.

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