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Beeswax White (Natural) 100g


Origin: Japan

Beeswax white is extracted from the bee honeycomb, with a warm and sweet and natural odor. 
Is often used as a cosmetic emulsifier, thickening agent or fixative. 
Is widely used to manufacture creams, lipstick and natural beeswax candles of raw materials, it has a number of free radicals ventilation capacity, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, disinfection, softening the skin and increase skin elasticity effect.

Melting point  : 60 -65°C

Usage : 5% - 20% (base on different application)

白蜂蠟是從蜂窩中提取而成的, 具有溫暖, 甜蜜和自然的氣味。通常被用作化妝品用的乳化劑, 濃化劑或固定劑,被廣泛用作製造乳霜, 唇膏及天然蜂蠟蠟燭的原材料。它有自由基換氣能力, 並且有抗炎, 抗氧化, 消毒, 軟化及增加肌膚彈性的作用。溶點: 60-65°C。建議用量: 5% - 20% (因應不同的用途調節)

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