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Oshadhi Essential Oil

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Oshadhi Palo Santo Oil (Holywood)
Oshadhi Gingerlily Oil (Sanna)
Oshadhi Gingerlily Oil (Sanna) Sale priceHK$168.00
Oshadhi Organic Lavender Oil
Oshadhi Organic Lavender Oil Sale priceHK$215.00
Oshadhi Yarrow Blue Oil
Oshadhi Yarrow Blue Oil Sale priceHK$438.00
Oshadhi Organic Spearmint Oil
Oshadhi Organic Spearmint Oil Sale priceHK$179.00
Oshadhi Organic Coriander Oil
Oshadhi Organic Coriander Oil Sale priceHK$239.00
Sold outOshadhi Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
Oshadhi Cabreuva Oil
Oshadhi Cabreuva Oil Sale priceHK$168.00
Oshadhi Amyris Oil
Oshadhi Amyris Oil Sale priceHK$179.00
Sold outOshadhi Spruce (Black Spruce) Oil
Sold outOshadhi Lemon Myrtle Oil
Oshadhi Lemon Myrtle Oil Sale priceHK$185.00
Oshadhi Organic Citronella Oil
Oshadhi Organic Citronella Oil Sale priceHK$143.00
Sold outOshadhi Bergamot Mint Oil
Oshadhi Bergamot Mint Oil Sale priceHK$123.00
Sold outOshadhi Lavandin Abrial (organic) Oil
Oshadhi Linaloe Berry Oil
Oshadhi Linaloe Berry Oil Sale priceHK$134.00
Oshadhi Organic Bergamot Oil
Oshadhi Organic Bergamot Oil Sale priceHK$215.00
Sold outOshadhi Osmanthus Absolute Oil 80%
Oshadhi Organic Sage Oil
Oshadhi Organic Sage Oil Sale priceHK$179.00
Oshadhi Organic Ginger Oil
Oshadhi Organic Ginger Oil Sale priceHK$244.00
Oshadhi Organic Rose Geranium Oil
Sold outOshadhi Magnolia Blossom Oil
Oshadhi Magnolia Blossom Oil Sale priceHK$539.00
Save HK$207.00Oshadhi Champaca red. Absolute Oil (best before: 11/2024)
Oshadhi Champaca red. Absolute Oil (best before: 11/2024) Sale priceHK$483.00 Regular priceHK$690.00
Oshadhi Fokienia (Siam Wood) Oil
Oshadhi Organic Bay Laurel Oil
Oshadhi Organic Bay Laurel Oil Sale priceHK$251.00
Oshadhi Gingergrass Oil
Oshadhi Gingergrass Oil Sale priceHK$114.00
Sold outOshadhi Organic Ylang Ylang Extra Oil
Sold outOshadhi Juniper Berry Oil
Oshadhi Juniper Berry Oil Sale priceHK$279.00
Oshadhi Organic Eucalyptus Smithii Oil