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Article: 丁香改善灰甲油 Improves onychomycosis Oil

丁香改善灰甲油 Improves onychomycosis Oil

丁香改善灰甲油 Improves onychomycosis Oil

丁香改善灰甲油 Improves onychomycosis Oil

近排好多客人打嚟問/上嚟買 丁香精油 話上網睇到教用丁香精油對付灰甲好有效,提提大家丁香油香味強烈,須要用基底油稀釋先可以搽上皮膚, 30ml植物底油加1-2滴丁香油就已經足夠,高濃度使用對皮膚可能會造成刺激。

丁香精油歷史悠久,原來自古以來,我們都已經在用一些天然方法來對付真菌,例如將香料(丁香、紫蘇、鼠尾草等) 塗在法老王的屍體防止腐爛。現代多用於抗真菌改善香港腳、灰甲等真菌引起的症狀。

丁香改善灰甲油 配方:
可可巴油 80ML
苦楝油 20ML
丁香精油 6滴

將以上基底油及丁香精油 充分混合即可使用。



Clove essential oil has a long history. Since ancient times, we have used some natural methods to deal with fungi, such as applying spices (cloves, basil, sage, etc.) to the body of the pharaoh to prevent decay. In modern times, it is mostly used for antifungal to improve the symptoms caused by fungi such as Hong Kong foot and onychomycosis.

Improves onychomycosis Oil Recipe:
Jojoba Oil 80ML
Neem Oil 20ML
Clove bud essential oil 6 drops

Mix the above carrier oil and clove essential oil thoroughly and use it.

Apply cloves to improve onychomycosis topically on the onychomycosis.

Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please test before use.
Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.
**The finished product of the above recipe is recommended to be used up within 3 months.



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