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(Free Gift) Wooden candle wick 3pcs


* Only available for purchase any regular-priced $99 Soywax 300g.

* Buy 1 pack of regular-priced soy wax and get 1 pack of wooden candle wicks, buy 2 packs of regular-priced soy wax and get 2 packs of wooden candle wicks, and so on.

* Free Gift will be cancel if order not fulfill to the promotion. 

* Free Gift Wooden candle wick cannot use with 3 bags soywax promotion. 

Origin: USA

wick size : 75mm (H) x 10mm(W) with metal base

- no carbon soot buildup

Be aware that candles and containers will generate high temperatures when they are lit. Ensure that there are no flammable objects near the lit candles, and be within sight and away from children and pets.

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