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Ethyl Alcohol 96% B.P (Self pick up only)


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Origin: UK / China

Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. It is also a versatile solvent, miscible with water and with many organic solvents, including acetic acid, acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, diethyl ether, ethylene glycol, glycerol, nitromethane, pyridine, and toluene. 
It is also miscible with light aliphatic hydrocarbons, such as pentane and hexane, and with aliphatic chlorides such as trichloroethane and tetrachloroethylene.

‧ High-concentration alcohol is highly volatile. It is recommended that you store alcohol in a cool, dry place that is not easily exposed to sunlight.
‧ High-concentration alcohol is highly flammable, keep away from fire sources when using it.
‧ Do not place it in a place where children can easily reach it, so as not to swallow it by mistake!
‧ The best disinfection effect is between 70-75% alcohol, not the higher the concentration, the better.

**96% ethanol belongs to alcohol extracted from plants and is not edible. It may lead to alcohol poisoning.


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